Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Sales and delivery terms

For deliveries from Nordic Reef ApS, Søholmvej 29a, 8260 Viby J, Denmark, company registration number ApS517634.

The sales and delivery terms below are applicable to any delivery and any sale from Nordic Reef ApS, unless otherwise required by mandatory legal provisions, or otherwise agreed by the parties. These sales and delivery terms take precedence over any conflicting or inconsistent provisions in purchasers' orders/acceptance, including any purchaser's general terms.

Offers and order confirmation

Any product, any item on the existing website, shall merely be regarded as an invitation to make an offer, by means of which a final agreement is only arranged once Nordic Reef ApS has accepted the customer's order. Any offer from Nordic Reef ApS expires after 14 days, unless a different deadline is specified in the actual offer. A definitive agreement between the customer and Nordic Reef ApS is regarded as having been entered into when the purchaser receives Nordic Reef ApS´ written order confirmation, and only the content of the order confirmation is binding to Nordic Reef ApS. Nordic Reef ApS will send an order confirmation by e-mail as soon as possible, stating customer's order number, name and address, method of payment, delivery address and a list of the items ordered. Reservation is made for sold-out items. The customer is asked to print the order confirmation immediately after receipt, as this may be relevant in connection with exchange, cancellation or complaints. Any drawings, illustrations or similar are only intended as a guide, and Nordic Reef ApS cannot be held responsible for any errors or misinterpretations in such material. Nordic Reef ApS does not bear any responsibility for any errors and information in delivered written material and products where such material has been prepared by parties other than Nordic Reef ApS, e.g. suppliers. This applies to any form of sales material, descriptions, user instructions, etc.


Nordic Reef ApS’ prices in the webshop are including VAT, but excluding insurance. All sales are at prices applicable on the delivery date, unless otherwise agreed in writing. The prices are applicable Ex Works Nordic Reef ApS, unless otherwise agreed (for the sake of clarity: freight will be added to the prices in the webshop if the items ordered shall be delivered to the customer). Issued pricelists are non-binding and may be changed at any time without notice. Reservation is made for price increases from Nordic Reef ApS´ suppliers. Any specified freight rates are non- binding. Changes to freight rates or official charges of any kind that occur after Nordic Reef ApS´ order confirmation must be borne by the customer. Nordic Reef ApS does not use daily rates for conversion of foreign currency and, consequently, exchange differences between Nordic Reef ApS’ and any third party’s, e.g. Paypal’s, conversion rates may therefore occur. Nordic Reef ApS shall not be liable for any such exchange differences.


The date of delivery stated in the order confirmation is binding, unless subsequently agreed otherwise in writing. If nothing else has been arranged, delivery will take place according to Nordic Reef ApS' directions. In cases where delivery has been agreed, delivery up to 7 days before or 7 days after the stated delivery date in every respect is deemed punctual delivery. If the delivery time is longer than 30 days, this is specifically stated in the order confirmation. Nordic Reef ApS is entitled to postpone delivery in the event of force majeure. The risk for an item is transferred to the customer once the item (ex warehouse) have been loaded onto the selected means of transport, or once the item (carriage paid) have passed the threshold of the vehicle or means of transport during unloading.

Failure to pay

In the case that an invoice is not paid in due time, we reserve the rights to add a 2% administration fee per month of the total outstanding amount. Reminder fee: We will add a reminder fee of 35 € per month per outstanding invoice. Reminder letters will be issued every 10 days. In the case that there are multiple outstanding invoices, please note that there will be issued 1 reminder letter per outstanding invoice. Overdue more than 90 days. In the case that an invoice should be more than 90 days overdue according to the payment terms listed on the invoice, we reserve the right to hand over the case to a collection agency. Until the full payment and any added fees has been received in full, admin fees and reminder fees will continue to be added to cover our administration cost.

Limitation of liability

If, after issuing of the order confirmation, circumstances of any kind arise that prevent punctual delivery or result in deficient delivery, and that are not specifically due to negligence or failure on the part of Nordic Reef ApS, including force majeure, cf. section 10, Nordic Reef ApS is exempt from liability for fulfilment of the contract. In the event of deficiencies due to errors or negligence on the part of Nordic Reef ApS, compensation will be paid according to the general rules of Danish law, however, Nordic Reef ApS shall not be liable for any indirect losses such as, but not limited to: operating losses, loss of profit, day fines etc.


Nordic Reef ApS does not provide a guarantee on product deliveries, but refer to the point complaints regarding defects.


If a customer wishes to complain about an item, preliminary contact should be by telephone or e-mail to allow discussion regarding handling of the potential defect. Consumer conditions: The consumer has a 2-year right of complaint on all items. Consequently, the consumer cannot cite faults or defects that arise more than 2 years after delivery of the item. Any faults or defects must be cited within a reasonable period of time after they have been discovered or should have been discovered. Faulty or defect items are returned at Nordic Reef ApS' expense and risk. In connection with return, the consumer must inform Nordic Reef ApS of the nature of the fault or defect. Returns or complaints must be to the address mentioned in section 6 above. If an item proves to be faulty or defective within the aforementioned time limit, Nordic Reef ApS undertakes to remedy such faults within a reasonable time. If it turns out not to be possible – or if Nordic Reef ApS deems it not to be appropriate – to repair the item, Nordic Reef ApS will instead undertake to supply a faultless item following receipt of the defective item. Nordic Reef ApS also undertakes to refund the consumer's documented expenses connected with return. If neither repair nor replacement delivery is possible, Nordic Reef ApS will instead refund the purchase price, including the purchaser's expenses for return. Nordic Reef ApS will not assume any responsibility beyond what is stated in the above sections. For the sake of clarity Nordic Reef ApS cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for indirect losses or consequential damage, including loss of or damage to data. Commercial conditions: Immediately on receipt and before commissioning, processing or resale of products the customer must examine the items for the purpose of checking for any defects. Complaints about defects (including variations in quantity) that are or should have been discovered by such examinations with due diligence must be submitted immediately and no later than 8 days after delivery of the goods. Notification of defects submitted after this deadline is forfeit. If defects are discovered for which Nordic Reef ApS is responsible, and which cannot be regarded as negligible, the consumer is entitled to cancel the purchase agreement for the delivery in question, unless Nordic Reef ApS undertakes replacement delivery without undue delay. If the purchase is cancelled due to defects, the consumer is obliged to make the delivered items available to Nordic Reef ApS in the same condition as when they were delivered. If, within 1 year of delivery of the goods, the consumer has not informed Nordic Reef ApS that he wishes to cite a concealed defect, he cannot subsequently hold Nordic Reef ApS responsible for such a defect, unless Nordic Reef ApS has undertaken in writing to guarantee the item for a longer period.

Reservation of ownership

The goods supplied by Nordic Reef ApS shall remain the property of Nordic Reef ApS until full payment has been registered with Nordic Reef ApS. The customer is not entitled to resell, mortgage, hire out, lend, give away, deposit or in any other similar way dispose of the delivered goods until full payment has been registered.