Cancellation rights

Cancellation rights

Right of cancellation

Commercial conditions: Business operators can only refuse to accept items on grounds of significant deficiencies by written complaint to Nordic Reef ApS no later than 8 days after delivery, otherwise the purchaser is assumed to have accepted the items. In addition to this, cancellation of, or changes to, an order can only take place with written acceptance from Nordic Reef ApS. In the event of cancellation or changes to orders, Nordic Reef ApS reserves the right to demand full payment as agreed.

Consumer conditions: When purchasing online, the consumer has a 14-day right of cancellation for purchase of goods. If the consumer wishes to cancel a purchase, Nordic Reef ApS grants full right of return (except for customized goods). Items that are essentially in the same condition and quantity as when received can thus be returned to Nordic Reef ApS at the above address, or by depositing the item at the post office for forwarding to this address, provided this is done no more than 14 days after the customer received the item. The consumer is therefore asked to avoid using any items that are to be returned. Items that are returned must be accompanied by order confirmation, invoice or similar documentation, the original or a copy.

The consumer pays the carriage costs connected with returning goods. The sum paid by the consumer for the item in question, including delivery costs, will be refunded after the item has been returned. Inquiries concerning right of cancellation or return of goods should be made to the following address, telephone number or e-mail address:

Nordic Reef ApS
Laskedalen 4
8220 Brabrand
Phone: +45 20 66 64 47